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    Bathroom Safety

    Our bathroom safety products provides
    a safe solution with high sence of comfort.

Bathroom safety

Our bathroom safety products provide a sense of security while maintaining comfort and a natural feel in any environment. Designed to ensure hygiene is maintained, our products will not only make your bathroom a safer environment but give you the freedom to perform daily tasks independently and securely.

With a full range of products, including bath safety rails, bath seating, grab bars, raised toilet seats and bath mats, our products will ensure your day to day bathroom needs are less challenging. Knowing that you can continue to perform your daily hygiene with just a little help is just one more way we help you live Your Life. Your Way.

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Raised toilet seats

  • Three seat heights
  • Antibacterial protection
  • Gently contoured seats

Deluxe Series

These one piece molded raised toilet seats with antibacterial protection are designed to allow total immersion for cleaning. Available in three seat heights, they are easily fitted to a toilet in seconds. Removal is equally simple.

The gently contoured seats are shaped to distribute a user’s weight over a greater area that will not only help to hold the occupant in position but will also be durable enough to cope with the heaviest user. A wide frontal opening allows easy access for personal cleaning.

LOOK Series

Our LOOK series ABS plastic raised toilet seats feature a deep splash guard for hygiene and non-slip rubber pads molded into the adjustment brackets to securely hold the occupant in position. Available in two seat heights, 2” and 4”, with or without a lid, these raised toilet seats are easily fitted to the seat without removing the existing seat. With a high weight capacity, the LOOK series of raised toilet seats are a simple way to minimize excessive bending for those with limited mobility.

Signature Series

Our Signature Series raised toilet seats feature a front locking mechanism for easy installation and have a rear anchoring system for maximum stability.  Available with or without padded armrests.

Grab bars

  • Offers support and safety in the bathroom
  • Wet and rust resistant
  • Easy to mount

Our series of grab bars come in a variety of shapes and sizes to offer support and leverage in and around the bathroom. The steel series feature a diamond knurl finish that provides a sure grip even when wet and a rust resistant, triple chrome-plated finish that ensures years of trouble-free use.

Our plastic series are made to the highest quality standards and feature a hidden mounting system with “sure grip” handles. All grab bars come complete with mounting hardware.

Bathtub Rails

  • Easy to install
  • Non-skid rubber pads
  • Seated grip position

Our series of bathtub safety rails are designed to provide added stability when getting in and out of a bathtub.  These bathtub safety rails come in three distinct designs and feature easy-to-use locking mechanisms and non-skid rubber pads to protect the bathtub surface and provide a sure grip.


Transfer Board

  • Added stability in and out of bathtub
  • Fits most any tub
  • Convenient, built-in soap rest

Designed to assist those unable to lower themselves completely into the bathtub, our stylish bath board has an extra wide seat, an optional bright red handle for added stability when getting into and out of the bathtub, a convenient built-in soap rest with specially positioned drainage holes, and a left or right hand holder for a handheld shower hose.

Its anti-slip rubber pads improve safety without damaging a bathtub’s surface. Its footrest assembly is easily adjusted and tightened to securely fit almost any width of bathtub.

Transfer Bench

  • Completely modular
  • Optional soap dish and handle
  • Consistent drainage of water

If mobility is restricted, our LOOK modular series transfer bench is ideal in helping to safely transfer in and out of the bathtub without fear of slipping or falling. The seat can easily be removed to close a shower curtain/door.

With easy-to-install optional accessories such as a soap dish and handle, this transfer bench features ergonomically positioned drainage holes for consistent drainage of water.

Shower Seats

  • Available with our without back
  • Ergonomic design
  • Optional left or right red handle

These adjustable shower seats have an easy to clean design with specially positioned drainage holes for consistent drainage of excess water and suction cup feet for stability. They feature holders for a left or right hand-held shower hose, a strong, white blow molded plastic seat and an optional left or right handed red handle.

Toilet Safety Frame and Bath Mat

  • Two button push release system
  • Fits any toilet
  • Easy storage

Our toilet safety frame is a welcome addition to any bathroom. Compact yet stable, it fits any toilet size as it adjusts in both height and width. Its unique two push button release system makes storage an easy task. The rust-proof aluminum mounting plate guarantees years of trouble free use.

Our wave design bathtub mat fits any size bathtub discreetly and securely. Made of 100% rubber, it is durable and folds conveniently out of the way when not in use

Modular Bath and Shower Seats

  • Completely modular
  • Optional accessories to customize
  • Lightweight yet durable

Our modular series of bath and shower seats are the next level in bathroom safety products. Pieces can be added or taken away to create the ideal bathroom seating for each individual requirement.

All pieces are manufactured with quality, durability, and diversity in mind. These shower seats easily adjust in 1/2”/1.3cm increments to accommodate a variety of users. With an assortment of accessories, the possibilities change as your customer’s needs change.

Our modular series accessories are made of high quality, durable plastic and fit all modular series products. They feature a secure, snap-in installation that requires no tools. The small armrest can also be used as a short backrest on the large shower seat.

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