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Product Category : Healthcare Beds
Sanitaetshaus Orthofit Oberascher KEG
Address : 4890 Frankenmarkt,
Hauptstrasse 66, Austria
Phone: +43 720 316 005 30
Fax +43 720 316 005 90
Email : Oberascher@orthofit.at
Web site : www.orthofit.at

Meet the humans of human care.

I'm no different from you. I might be older, less agile. My legs are slow but my mind is quick. I have a career. Or maybe I've had one. Either way I'm not slowing down. I can keep up. But some things don't come easy anymore. Small things, and some big ones. Appearance matters, I'm still vain. I'm still happy. I know I need some help, even more than just a little. I don't mind as long as it works. But hey, it is what it is.