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    We produce and provide mobility solutions
    for people with special needs.

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Four New Sling Models

Human Care is pleased to announce the launch of four new models in our sling range that strengthens our sling offering even more. The new models that are included in this launch are the following:

General purpose sling with clips – reusable
General purpose sling with clips – single patient use
Positioning sling standard reusable
Positioning sling – ventilated material

General purpose slings with clips (reusable and single patient use model)
Human Care´s new General purpose slings with clips are available in a reusable model and a single patient use model. These new slings are similar to our general purpose sling (NSB-104 and NSB-103) but with clips instead of loops.

Positioning sling standard reusable
The positioning sling standard reusable is a positioning sling for repositioning and horizontal transfer. The new sling provides the opportunity for excellent care and at the same time safe and comfortable transfer for the patient. Thanks to breathability the sling can be left behind the patient.

Positioning sling ventilated material
Human Care´s new positioning sling ventilated material is a sling made for repositioning and horizontal transfer. The sling has a ventilated material which is gentle against the patient´s skin, offers airflow and breathability and is designed to wick away moisture from the patient´s skin. Thanks to breathability the sling can be left behind the patient.

Read more about our new slings in our updated product catalogue.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at any time!

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Product Launch: New accessory kit for the neXus

Express your personality with our new accessory kit. Available in three striking colours of blue, purple or tartan, the kit allows you to customize your neXus to your personal choice. The new soft bag easily fits onto your existing brackets and comes with a zippered cover to protect your belongings as well as allowing easy access. Just place the new, extra comfortable padded back strap over your existing backrest, and close the snaps. The new handle will add the final touch to your rollator and match your new accessories perfectly. Let us help you make your rollator as individual as you are!

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Meet the humans of human care.

I'm no different from you. I might be older, less agile. My legs are slow but my mind is quick. I have a career. Or maybe I've had one. Either way I'm not slowing down. I can keep up. But some things don't come easy anymore. Small things, and some big ones. Appearance matters, I'm still vain. I'm still happy. I know I need some help, even more than just a little. I don't mind as long as it works. But hey, it is what it is.