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    We improve freedom of movement and quality
    of care for people with special needs.

News and events

Introducing the new neXus

We are excited to introduce you to our new neXus! With a new unique material ultimate comfort foam seat that molds to the user to ensure comfort, ergonomic grips with optimal wrist positioning for the right amount of pronation and new exciting colours, it is once again leading the market in innovation and design. The neXus remains the most reliable and durable rollator on the market, backed by a lifetime warranty on the frame.

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Help us change the future of breast cancer!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and we are doing our small part to help raise awareness. For a limited time, we are offering our neXus 3 rollator in pink. Human Care will be contributing a minimum donation of $5,000 to the Canadian Cancer Society in support of life-changing support programs and ground-breaking research.  For every pink neXus sold, a portion of each sale will be donated to the Canadian Cancer Society.  Read more about how you can help change the future of breast cancer!

Limited Edition Pink neXus 3


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New neXus backstrap

We continue to push the envelope of rollator design with our new backstrap.  This backstrap features a double band for added comfort and support and is now available on all neXus 3 rollators!  Contact us today for more details.

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Product launch: New fixed hanger bars

Human Care is proud to introduce two new 2-point fixed hanger bars for our overhead lifts that are lightweight, yet extremely durable.

These new hanger bars are available in two models – one for the HeliQ and one for the Altair and Roomer S.  They are streamlined, offer added safety features and are easily installed.

The 2-point hanger bar for HeliQ stationary lift comes in 3 different widths:
• 35 cm (13.8”)
• 45 cm (17.7”)
• 60 cm (23.6”)

The 2-point hanger bar for Altair & Roomer S lift comes in 2 different widths:
• 45 cm (17.7”)
• 55 cm (21.7”)

Please note that the hanger bar is not included when ordering a lift, it has to be ordered separately.

Contact us today to order these products or click here for more information.

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Product Launch: New bag-kit

Our new bag kit for the Carl-Oskar and the Rebel offer optimal storage for your daily shopping.  This kit features a small bag that rests on the seat and a big bag for the hard basket.  Not only do they offer more space and a safer way to carry home groceries, but they are installed in seconds! The small bag can be conveniently folded and placed into the big bag if not required.

Pre-order your kits today! Click here for more information about these products or contact us for pre-ordering.

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New rollator accessories

Human Care is proud to introduce new accessories to enhance the features of our rollators.

Light Kit
Our light kit is an excellent way to illuminate your path while walking.  This kit includes one red LED light and one white LED light with flash-mode. These lights easily mount onto the rollator with either a magnet or a rubber fixture. Battery operated. Fits all rollator models. Part no: 91091

Reflector Kit
Our reflectors aid with the visibility of the user as it reflects light from the headlights of oncoming vehicles.  This ensures you are always visible to everyone around you.  Our reflector kit includes 30 reflectors with self-adhesive stickers that can be attached to the frame of the rollator: 10 white, 10 silver, 5 red (non-flexible) and 5 silver (non-flexible). Fits all rollator models.
Part no: 91090

White lock with two keys for added security when leaving your rollator unattended. Flexible cord makes application easy.
Part no: 91092

Seat Cover
Fits: Carl-Oskar and Rebel. Seat cover in wool/ polyester. State-of-the-art technology keeps fabric warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Softens the look and feel of the rollator.
Part no: 91093

Contact your local authorized dealer to order our new accessories today!  Note: Light Kits, Reflector Kits, and Locks are available for pre-ordering only.  Seat covers are available for immediate orders.  Lead time is dependant on the country.


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Product Launch: New powered 4-point spreader bar

Human Care is proud to introduce a new powered 4-point spreader bar to our portfolio of overhead lifts.  This new spreader bar is designed for our stationary lifts and is the ultimate choice for hospitals and other care environments who use slings affixed with clips. Controlled by the lift handset, the electric movement is smooth and comfortable for both the client and the caregiver.

Contact us today to order these products or click here for more information.

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Are you ready for something new?

Human Care prides itself on being a leader in innovation and design of mobility products.  We introduced the market to the first cross-folding rollator, which has now become an industry standard.  We are excited to bring to Canada two new proven products sold for more than twenty years in Europe – the Carl-Oskar and Rebel.  Contact us today for all the exciting details!

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New 1/4 Length Side Rails

We are happy to announce that our new 1/4 length side rails for our Floorline series of ultra-low beds are now ready for pre-ordering with shipping commencing early September 2018.

The new 1/4 length side rail can be mounted on both the head and the foot end of all Human Care ultra low beds.  They are sold as a pair, or as a part of a kit with the 1/2 length side rails.  All mounting brackets are included in the kit. The 1/4 lenght side rail can be used on it’s own or together with the the 1/2 lenght side rail.

For more information, please view our product catalog or this handy information sheet.

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Coming soon to a store near you!

The new neXus is on the way!

Our new and exciting neXus is on the way in a variety of colours!   Available in regular or tall handles in a choice of super low, low or standard seat heights, the neXus will change the way you move this spring!

Give us a call today for all the details.


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Meet the humans of human care.

I'm no different from you. I might be older, less agile. My legs are slow but my mind is quick. I have a career. Or maybe I've had one. Either way I'm not slowing down. I can keep up. But some things don't come easy anymore. Small things, and some big ones. Appearance matters, I'm still vain. I'm still happy. I know I need some help, even more than just a little. I don't mind as long as it works. But hey, it is what it is.