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Fall injuries and entrapment – The cost issue

Fall injuries are among the most serious problems in hospital care, and a vast majority of all falls that take place in hospitals occur around the bed. In the USA alone, somewhere between 700,000 to 1,000,000 people suffer from fall injuries each year while attending hospital care and observational studies show that 60–70% of all falls in hospital occur from the bed or bedside chair(1).

Many patients become restless during sleep due to medical conditions such as stroke, Parkinson’s disease and certain mental conditions. These patients often become disoriented or confused while sleeping or upon waking. The injuries sustained from a serious fall have many repercussions, often long-term, on both the physical and psychological condition of the patient as well as on their ability to rehabilitate and fully recover.

The costs of fall related injuries are therefore substantial, both to the health care system and to society as a whole. These costs stem from direct sources such as surgical treatment and prolonged hospital stays, but there are numerous cost-effects to be added from indirect sources such as work-absence rates and losses of income from family members related to increased dependency on others during convalescence.

A fall in a hospital that results in serious injury is estimated to add at least $13 000 to a patient’s costs, just as a result of the increased length of stay and surgical costs. The average cost of a fall injury in the USA is $19,440 USD if you include hospitals, nursing homes, emergency rooms and home healthcare(2.)

Preventive cost in hospitals and health care also comes at a high rate from the extra staffing required for patient surveillance in order to monitor patients with fall risks. The injuries in themselves are cause for escalating costs as well, due to the patients’ prolonged periods of treatment. There are more days spent in hospital care, longer periods of rehabilitation and a higher expense in surgical treatment.

For more on finding effective solutions to prevent fall injuries and entrapment in and around hospital or medical beds, please read our full series of articles on the subject.

1) Source: the medical journal of Australia / Oxford journals, 2) Source: learnnottofall.

This is the second article of a series of three related to entrapment and fall injuries produced by Human Care.

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Human Care – Benchmark brand for the AADL

Human Care Canada is pleased to announce that effective July 1, 2013 our ceiling lifts and equipment have been confirmed as the benchmark brand for the AADL (Alberta Aids to Daily Living) government program. Our quality, versatility and innovation not only initiated interest but ultimately cemented our acceptance as the authorized lift equipment provider within this province. Human Care will continue to strive for excellence in this and every product we distribute.

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New soft bag for neXus

Human Care is proud to present a new soft bag for the neXus rollators. The soft bag has convenient pockets ideal for storing a mobile phone or tablet and it can also remain on the rollator even in the folded position.

Read more about the new neXus soft bag.

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Thanks for visiting us at Abilities Expo

The Abilities Expo is the leading event for 54 million Americans with disabilities and those who support them, their families, caregivers and healthcare professionals. The show offers a wide range of exhibitors, products and services. We would like to thank all of you who took the time to visit our stand at the exhibition. The exhibition provided a great opportunity for us to meet up with new customers and show our lifting products.

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New colour and new sling!

Human Care is pleased to announce the launch of a new stylish design in our updated sling range. The edges and straps on all sling models are now our green colour and other small modifications have been made to further improve our range too. To strengthen our offering even more, we now launch a new model – highback plusline. The new sling is a high back model with divided leg parts and designed for heavier patients. Have a look at our product page for slings to know more about the new Highback plusline.

Existing stock will be depleted and the introduction of slings with new color will be done progressively from 14 July 2014.

Please contact Human Care if you have any questions.

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New Accessory – neXus cane holder

We are pleased to introduce a new cane holder for the neXus series. This cane holder is easy to assemble and fits all of our neXus models. This new cane holder can carry a standard size cane and will ensure it is easily accessible whenever you need it.

Part no. 80703.

Contact us for more information or to place your order!

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Visit Human Care at Arab Health.

Human Care is pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting at Arab Health, 26-29 January 2015 at Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre in Dubai.

Visit our stand and learn more about our product portfolio and our new product developments.

You will find us together with “Business Sweden” in Zabeel hall Z2A50/Z2B50.

Welcome to Human Care!

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Human Care Passes ISO 13485:2003/2012 Audit

Human Care is pleased to announce that it has passed its ISO 13485:2003/2012 multi-site surveillance audit. All Human Care companies are now certified to ISO 13485. Meeting the requirements of the surveillance audit reflects Human care’s continued focus of maintaining a world-class quality system and producing superior products. This certification represents a major achievement and milestone for the Human Care group.

The ISO 13485:2003/2012 certification is a stand-alone standard developed by the International Organization for Standardization that provides harmonized quality management systems requirements for manufacturers of medical devices. It is adopted by the European Commission as proof of conformity with EU regulations for design, development and manufacturing of medical devices according to EEC decrees 93/42/EEC.

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A new enhanced range of true floor-level beds

Human Care are pleased to introduce its new enhanced range of floor level beds – LTC, FloorLine-i and FloorLine-i Plus.

Cost of fall related injuries is huge for both health care systems and the society. Fall injuries are without doubt the biggest problem in hospital care today and lead to extended hospital stay and increased cost for hospitals or other care providers.

Human Cares new enhanced range of true floor level beds provides you the opportunity of excellent care. Lowering to only 10 cm (4“), any user rolls out of the bed and fall injuries can be prevented to its maximum.

A new fresh white bed color is introduced for a more contemporary look that perfectly blends in at any hospital or long term care environment. HPL (High Pressure Laminate) end boards are introduced to further increase quality and durability, also prolonging the product life time. For caregivers we are further pleased to introduce dual wheel castors that improve the maneuverability of the beds at all times.

Find out more about the new beds at our website or contact your local Human Care representative at your earliest convenience.

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Presenting a New Range of Mobile Lifts

uman Care is pleased to present its new range of mobile lifts – FL180, FL320 and STS200. The new mobile lifts from Human Care offers a flexible solution for easy and safe transfer in any environment at all times.

Mobile lifts can be used in many situations making it a very useful product in any care environment. With a mobile lift it is quick and easy to reach almost any area where a lift is needed. It´s also a perfect solution for temporary lifting needs.

The new modern designed mobile lifts from Human Care have a lightweight and sturdy construction that allows easy operation and handling. Its high lifting capacity makes the mobile lifts ideal for all the most common lifting needs including heavier patients. With mobile lifts from Human Care you have a complete range of lifts for all types of lifting situations, gait training and rehabilitation.

Find out more about the new beds at our website or contact your local Human Care representative at your earliest convenience.

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