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    Lifting Solutions

    Our lifting solutions reduce staff injuries
    and improve the working environment.


Human Care offers high-quality mobile lift solutions that allow for easy, safe and comfortable transfer for both the caregiver and the patient.  The mobile lift is an extremely flexible option as they can easily be moved between different rooms and facilities.  Ideal for temporary situations where an overhead lift is not possible, our mobile floor lifts feature an extra low base clearance to allow access under vehicles and most beds.



The Levanto is a safe and comfortable standing and transfer device designed to help patients with some trunk balance and weakened leg muscles to stand up with a natural motion pattern.  It features clip sling attachments and its overall compact footprint makes it the ideal option for smaller spaces or home use.

The Levanto can be used for standing, sitting, dressing, toileting and balance training for users with low core or leg strength.  The shin pad angle adjusts with the patient while they are being raised for optimal comfort and the lift arm extends to 31.5″ to accommodate taller patients.  The non-slip surface footplate can be removed for hygiene control.


The Alzaro is the perfect choice when a strong, sturdy floor lift is required.  The Alzaro features a curved boom which allows for a greater lifting height without the user getting too close to the lift and comes complete with a loop hanger bar.  An optional self-balancing cradle with clip attachments or scale is available.

The legs open and close electronically and the compact size make it ideal for use in both a home or a facility.  The sleek control box is unobtrusive to the caregiver and the hexagonal push handle makes maneuvering the Alzaro extremely easily, even in tighter spaces.

Mobi Pro Flexi

The Mobi Pro Flexi is an ergonomic and compact mobile assistive mobility device ideal for people with low leg strength and some trunk balance who experience difficulty walking. With its rotating padded seats and knee support, the Mobi Pro Flexi is an excellent substitute for a wheelchair and its small turning radius makes it ideal for smaller spaces.

The Mobi Pro Flexi is an efficient and safe tool for the healthcare provider to move a patient. The feet are placed on the solid, firm footplate and then the patient pulls himself/herself up to a standing position using the integrated solid bracket. By simply rotating the seat cushion, the Mobi Pro Flexi becomes a comfortable seat that the patient can rest and be moved on.

Using the Mobi Pro Flexi not only encourages mobilization and activity but gives the caregiver fast, stable and safe transport of a patient to the bed, chair or the toilet and back if needed. The Mobi Pro Flexi is equipped with a mechanical mechanism to spread the legs, ensuring it will work with most seating. The vast adjustment range is easily set to three settings and it can safely be used in a moisture area such as a toilet.  The Mobi Pro Flexi features rear castor brakes for added security and is virtually maintenance-free.

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