Infection Control: Single Patient Use Slings and Transfer Sheets

Infection Control:  Single Patient Use Slings and Transfer Sheets

In situations where the risk of spreading infections is high, such as the current pandemic we are facing, the use of single patient use products is recommended. Human Care has been offering disposable slings and transfer sheets for a very long time with much success .

Due to the increased instances of COVID-19 worldwide, we are receiving several inquiries for infection control products. Along with protective clothing and masks, requests for products such as disposable transfer sheets and single patient use slings are being made. Our products ensure infection control for doctors, nurses, caregivers and other essential workers within healthcare. Because the product is used by a single patient, the need for laundering and sterilization is eliminated which means fewer hands handle the product. For the high-risk elderly residing in nursing homes and long-term care facilities, every small thing that can be done to stop the risk of infection spreading ensures fewer fatalities. Both our transfer sheets and slings are an excellent way to ensure safe patient handling protocols are followed, while at the same time, infection control is facilitated.


  • Single patient use ensures infection control
  • High safe working load
  • Can be used with all lifts on the market

Our General Purpose Single Patient Use (SPU) Slings, as the name indicates, can be used for most patients for most lifting situations. With integrated head support, these slings allows a patient to be lifted from a bed, chair or even from the floor. The design promotes a semi-recumbent position, which allows a patient with breathing issues a much more comfortable transfer position. With a slightly tilted angle and good back and head support, an angle that does not put pressure on the lung area is created. Our slings are individually packed to ensure hygiene and are available with clips or loop attachment.

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Transfer Sheets

  • Disposable, single-patient use
  • Reduces unnecessary manual lifting of patients
  • Reduces the risk of musculoskeletal injuries for healthcare personnel

Our transfer sheets are ideal for single patient use in quarantine infection areas. Individually packed, they can easily be stored on a hospital cart for quick access. They reduce the friction under the patient, which allows for quick and easy transfers from a bed to a chair or stretcher or back. The ability to easily transfer or position a patient reduces caregiver injuries and fatigue, and since the transfer sheets are disposable, infection control protocols are maintained.  Our transfer sheets are available in three different models, including a bariatric transfer sheet.

Transfer Sheets

Tubular Transfer Sheets

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