• Freestanding gantries

    Our freestanding gantries is a flexible
    solution for most overhead lift situations.

Freestanding gantry solutions

Our freestanding solutions provide a unique way of easily and safely transferring a patient. The gantry system can be used with the Altair and Roomer S lift and is ideal for lifting and moving patients from a bed, a wheelchair, a bath or shower and from the floor.  These freestanding solutions offer an ideal option when a temporary solution or a rental is required.

We offer three different types of freestanding gantries, adjustable in height and width and with a weight capacity from 220 to 445 kg.


Lena freestand

  • Easy to use
  • Available in two convenient widths
  • High 300 kg weight capacity

The Lena freestand offers you a possibility of lifting a patient up to 300kg / 661 lbs easily and safely. The lift is used for lifting and moving patients from a bed, wheelchair, bath/shower and from the floor.


Niklas portable freestand

  • Quick and easy height and width adjustment
  • Easily assembled by one person without tools
  • Portable and easy to use

The Niklas portable freestand provides a unique way of easy and safe transfer for the patient. Ideal for lifting and moving patients from a bed, wheelchair, bath/shower and from the floor, the Niklas castors can be unlocked enabling the system to be easily moved from room to room. Height and width settings are easily adjustable without tools, making the Niklas freestand a very portable product.  The Niklas features an optional carry bag that allows it to easily be transported.

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