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    Lifting Solutions

    Our lifting solutions reduce staff injuries
    and improve the working environment.

For Architects/Construction market

As an architect or building contractor involved in the construction of nursing homes or hospitals, you may not be familiar with overhead lifts and requirements for their installation.

In order to assist you in designing and building your client’s facility, we can provide both common installation drawings in most major formats including CAD drawings, as well as special installation designs upon request. Our solutions make your life easier and are offered quickly, easily and free of charge.

Project assistance

To ensure a successful end result Human Care provides assistance from the start of a project to its finish. We guide architects, developers and healthcare providers through all aspects of the specification, including its installation and use.

Human Care can assist with analysis, assessment and evaluation for optimum results in cost effectiveness, quality and safety. The project package delivered to involved parties includes but is not limited to specifications, recommendations and drawing documentation.

We are ready to participate through any aspect of a construction project, depending on the wishes and needs in each individual situation.

Drawings and documentation

Human Care delivers complete drawings and proposals for solutions tailored to each respective project. Our drawings are prepared so that they can be transferred to the final architectural plans ensuring accuracy and minimal risk of error.

Our library of drawings includes the most common installation types, however, specialized drawings can be prepared in the most common drawing formats.

Project planning

Human Care is proud of our global success and experience in designing, planning and installing overhead lift systems. Our range of overhead lift systems offers unlimited installation possibilities with optimized performance and cost. All products are designed to accommodate different environments from hospitals and nursing homes to even the smallest of private residences. Easy to install, easy to use. Always a perfect fit for your environment.

Human Care offers participation through all or part of a construction project, depending on the wishes and needs.

The products are designed for different environments, both hospitals, nursing homes and private residences. They are always possible to install with perfect result.

Quality and Care

Human Care applies a quality system that fulfils the requirements of ISO 13485.

A user of a product from Human Care is a person who feels very confident with the product’s quality and reliability. At all times. The reason behind this is our profound commitment to safety, quality and usability.

Firstly, our products are designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of the relevant ISO, UL, IEC and EN standards. Secondly, every single product specific is given extensive attention at every stage of the design process. Thirdly, in developing our products, our design team collaborates with leading physical therapists, creating global state-of-the-art products which all share the same ultimate goal: The benefit and enjoyment of their users. Allowing them to live life in the best way possible. Their way.

Your life. Your way.

That is what we have been offering people with reduced mobility for over 25 years. Your Life. Your Way. Our focus is simple. We work for our users. Our products serve to be a natural part of life to anyone who might need them. Meeting that need is what drives and motivates us. Our mission is to improve the quality of care and freedom of movement for people with special needs. Being lifted by someone else – to literally be in someone else’s hands – is a special situation. It demands trust, respect, a fine touch and safety for both user and caregiver.

Our solutions provide reliability, high quality and innovation. With low-maintenance requirements and efficient installation procedures, we provide a state-of-the-art-offering for both users and caregivers.

In every detail, in every aspect, our products deliver what they promise.


Benefits with overhead lifts

The overhead lift is the best possible mobility aid for moving a patient in a nursing environment. Being mounted in the ceiling, the lift allows for the floor space to remain uncluttered. Thus, the caregivers may move around more freely, safely and speedily.

The overhead lift can be installed in any environment and will reach every position in the room – without furniture posing a hindrance. Having all needed prerequisites for heavy lifts at hand saves lots of time, allowing for more – and more cost-efficient – caregiving.

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