• Overhead lifts

    The overhead lift is the best possible mobility
    aid for moving a patient in a nursing environment.

Overhead lifts

Our lifting solutions provide reliability, cost efficiency, and innovation. Our high-quality products with unique features are simple to install and require low maintenance.

Human Care offers a complete range of overhead lifts, with or without in rail charging as well as floor and portable systems.  Our lifts are complemented by a full portfolio of slings, rails, accessories, and attachments.

Roomer S

  • Easy to use room-to-room function
  • Portable
  • Safe and comfortable

The Human Care Roomer S overhead lift is a portable overhead lift that offers the possibility to transfer a patient from one room to another without making any modifications to doorway headers. With a Roomer S overhead lift the number of lifts required is minimized, thereby increasing the patient’s safety and comfort.  The Roomer S features an advanced technology platform and a unique quick-release hanger bar in two different lengths. The lift can be used with either a 2, 3 or 4-point suspension and has a weight capacity of 220 kg.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Discreet and modern design
  • 2, 3 or 4-point sling suspension

The Human Care Altair overhead lift is a lightweight portable lift with a discreet and modern design. Its portability ensures that asset investment is greatly reduced as the same lift easily can be used in multiple rooms with multiple patients. The Altair features an advanced technology platform that allows tracking of lift usage and visualization of collected data.   The quick -release hanger bar comes in two convenient sizes to accommodate most users.   The lift is available in three weight capacities: 150kg, 220kg and 300kg, and can be used with either a 2, 3 or 4-point suspension.



  • Modern, discreet look that blends in any environment
  • Can be equipped with power traverse(motorized movement) and in-rail charging
  • Optional gates and  turntables

The Human Care HeliQ fixed overhead lift features a modern, discreet look that blends in any environment. Its small size ensures the lift can easily be used in either institutional or home applications. The HeliQ has an advanced technology platform which makes it possible to measure the use and performance of the lift.

The lift comes in three different models with three different weight capacities: 150 kg, 220 kg and 300 kg. It also allows a wide adjustment range with 2-point and 4-point hanger bars in different lengths to suit virtually any patient. The Human Care HeliQ can be equipped with power traverse (motorized movement) and in-rail charging.  Gates and turntables are available to increase functionality.


EZ Lift

  • A cost-effective solution for bariatric lifting
  • 1000 lb weight capacity
  • All metal gearing

The EZ bariatric fixed ceiling lift comes with some very unique features, making it the optimal choice for a bariatric fixed lift system. The EZ lift comes with a curtain-pass through which allows the track to bypass existing curtain tracks, saving time and money for installation. With overload protection that ensures a safe lift for those more robust patients, a dual pawl emergency brake system and wide 2” straps, the EZ lift will safely lift and transfer your bariatric patients.

The EZ lift’s heavy-duty motor and all-metal drivetrain are designed for extended life with continual usage and its onboard intelligence not only helps monitor usage to help drive consistent safe patient handling initiatives but also captures usage time to help track the frequency of usage. With optional power traverse, continuous charge and inspection reminders, using the lift is as easy as pushing a button.

The EZ lift features an easy-to-read backlit LCD digital display and is proudly manufactured in the United States.


INSIGHTS Lift Interface System

INSIGHTS provides health professionals with valuable information to improve safe patient handling practices that will result in a reduced number of injuries, cost savings, and optimal asset management.

The new Lift Interface System – INSIGHTS – is an easy-to-use
web interface that can be connected to all Human Care
overhead lifts. It facilitates cloud-based storage of collected
data from the lifting activities, all accessible from a computer,
phone or tablet device.

INSIGHTS supports compliance and to encourages consistent
utilization of the lifting equipment. This may help to reduce
the number of injuries, significantly reduce costs and facilitate
optimal asset management.

Easily accessible facts with a huge impact – that’s INSIGHTS.

Benefits with overhead lifts

The overhead lift is the best possible mobility aid for moving a patient in a nursing environment. Being mounted in the ceiling, the lift allows for the floor space to remain uncluttered. Thus, the caregivers may move around more freely, safely and speedily.

The overhead lift can be installed in any environment and will reach every position in the room – without furniture posing a hindrance. Having all needed prerequisites for heavy lifts at hand saves lots of time, allowing for more – and more cost-efficient – caregiving.

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