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    Placed at a true floor-level of only 100 mm from the
    floor, our beds are designed to avoid fall injuries.

Floor level beds prevent fall injuries

Fall injuries are amongst the most serious problems in hospital care.  Every year many patients fall out of their beds and are injured, costing a hospital or facility a substantial amount of money as well as costing the patient unnecessary pain and extended stays in a hospital environment.  Even worse, injuries sustained from a serious fall can result in even greater immobility and decline of the patient.

We have the solution. Our electric floor level beds provide both a safe and convenient way of taking care of patients and residents.  Placed at a true floor level (below 10cm from the floor), they provide extra care without the need for restraints or side rails that some argue create entrapment risks.  For those who may be at risk for falling out of bed or for those that are restless during sleep due to medical conditions, a true floor level bed is truly the best option.


FloorLine-i Plus

The aesthetically appealing FloorLine-i Plus is a complete care management solution. With its extensive range of features such as Trendelenburg, ­cardiac chair position and, electronic CPR function, this bed offers our highest level of care. With its open bus digital control box, it is also possible to easily add future upgrades and accessories.

The FloorLine-i Plus is the perfect solution for ­preventing fall injuries. Its minimum height from the floor is just 10 cm (3.9”). At the same time, no compromises are made for caregiver safety as it raises to an excellent ergonomic working height ­of 80 cm (31.4”).


The FloorLine-i is a sound purchase for both hospitals and long-term care facilities. It features standard bed positions such as Trendelenburg and cardiac chair position providing excellent care and can be equipped with a variety of optional accessories to accommodate multiple patient requirements.

The FloorLine-i is an optimal floor-level-bed solution that promotes both patient as well as caregiver safety. Its ­minimum height from the floor is just 10 cm (3.9”)and at the same time, no compromises are made for caregivers with its ergonomic 80cm (31.5”) working height.

FloorLine LTC

The FloorLine LTC with its home environment design is the optimal choice for long-term care facilities. Its ­one-piece design makes it easy to fold and store away efficiently. The FloorLine LTC features all the standard required positions often found in hospital beds such as Trendelenburg, reverse Trendelenburg and cardiac positioning.

The FloorLine LTC is the perfect solution for ­preventing fall injuries. Its minimum height from the floor is just 9.5 cm(3.7”) providing a safe and considerate way of taking care of people who may be at risk of falling out of their bed.

Bed Accessories

All Human Care floor-level healthcare beds come with a complete range of accessories to optimize the performance and functionality of the bed.  From standard accessories as IV poles to more functional accessories such as extension kits to accommodate taller patients, all our accessories are manufactured with safety and durability in mind.

Benefits of floor-level beds

100 mm (Four inches).That is the difference between falling – or rolling – out of bed. One hundred millimetres, those precious millimetres. So small a distance, yet so large a difference between an extended, expensive, hospital stay – or its avoidance. Our entire range of Health Care Beds aims to prevent fall injuries and provides the opportunity for excellent care.

The floor-level bed functions without restraints, thereby greatly enhancing the dignity of care. One may elect to call it ‘dignity’. We choose to simply call it ‘care’. Human Care.

Improve the working position

A challenge in today’s healthcare is the working position of the caregivers. To resolve this problem, the floor-level beds may be raised all the way up to 31 inches (80 cm), creating an optimum working height and reducing the risk of caregivers’ back injuries.

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