• Rail systems

    Our rail system offers low weight, fast and flexible
    installation and unlimited installation possibilities.


Human Care rail systems are the optimal installation choice for lifting and moving patients in a hospital, care facility or in private homes. Offering the option to design a system that is always accessible and does not take up valuable floor space, our rail systems are easily adaptable to the patient’s needs and safely installed regardless of the room’s layout or the structure of the building. Depending on your preferences, we supply a wide variety of ceiling rails and installation possibilities, including gates and turntables.

Human Care’s rails are lightweight but offer a high weight capacity, fast and flexible installation and unlimited installation possibilities.


Rail Options

  • Lightweight
  • Fast and flexible installation
  • Unlimited installation possibilities

Human Care offers a full range of rail systems for all possible situations. The rail system can be easily adapted to the patient’s needs and safely installed regardless of the room’s layout and the building´s structure. Both single rail system and traverse systems can be created. A traverse system consists of two primary rails which carry a perpendicularly mounted secondary rail and provide the ability to move the patient in both the X and Y directions over an entire surface.

All rail profiles are made of extruded aluminum and are available in various standard lengths.  Our straight rails are available in three profile types (P87, P120, and P180) and our curved rails in three different angles.

All profiles are designed to offer fast and flexible installation with Human Care’s full portfolio of installation accessories.



  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Easy installation
  • Quick operating time

Our gate system enables transfers from an X-Y or traverse system to a straight rail or the other way around.  They are an integral part of the rail systems commonly used in health care facilities, especially in intensive care and rehabilitation.

With electronic power and no hand control required for operation, transfer from one rail to the next takes less than 3 seconds.  Our gate system meets all regulatory requirements of ISO10535 and has an IP rating of IP11.  The gate system has a maximum safe working load of 220kg.



Our turntables are designed for use with fixed rail systems in health care facilities and provide the convenient option of switching between three or four rail paths.  They are extremely ideal for installations where curved sections cannot accommodate the requirements.  With four exit points, the overhead lift’s travel direction can easily be moved to another rail at 90 degrees from the original in either the left or right direction.

Our turntables are compatible with all our lifts and feature an operating time of fewer than 5 seconds.  With electronic power and no hand control required, these turntables are fast and easy to install and will work well in even the tightest of spaces such as bathrooms.


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