1. Correct adjustment of the handles is important.
A handle that is too high or too low may cause unnecessary strain on arms, shoulders, neck and back. The handles should never be angled outwards.

2. Walk inside the walker rather than pushing it in front of you.
Some of our rollators feature a seat that can be folded up so that you can walk even closer to the rollator. Stand up straight and think of your posture!

3. Do not walk too fast, the ground may be uneven.
Take it gently over thresholds and curbs, especially if you have something in the basket or bag.

4. The walker must always be locked when sitting.
This ensures the walker will not roll away on you.

5. Keep the walker clean and check functions regularly.
Maintenance should be done by an authorized dealer every year.

6. Your physical fitness is important!
Continue to work out, especially strength and balance (see tips below).